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The Muncy Banking Company opened its doors on November 1, 1893 and was the direct result of a few Muncy businessmen under the leadership of Lewis S. Smith.  Smith, one of Muncy's most successful store owners, could see the need to maintain two banks in the community.  One of Muncy's two banks had recently ceased to exist.  As a result, the Muncy Banking Company was established to furnish the primary needs of the small businessmen and the people in the community.

Although Lewis Clyde Smith, son of Lewis S. Smith, did not become President until 1914, he was responsible for running the bank from the beginning to the date of his death in July 1938.  Lewis Clyde Smith, better known as Clyde, was a conservative and ran the bank in the same manner.

During the history of the bank, the Bank has had seven presidents.  Howard C. Opp served the longest term from August 1938 to January 1974.

Since its inception, the bank's primary mission has been to serve the banking needs of Muncy and the surrounding area.  This continues to be the same driving force behind the bank today.  Being one of the most firmly established banks in the county, the bank has built a reputation of conservative soundness which has helped the bank maintain a major share of the local banking market.

On June 20, 1962, the Board of Directors voted to broaden its services to include a trust department.  At the same time the bank changed its name to The Muncy Bank and Trust Company. 

The Muncy Bank and Trust Company as of December 31, 2014 has assets in excess of $360,241,000 and total deposits over $311,514,000.

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