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Whether you are buying your first home, building a new home, or refinancing your existing home loan, Muncy Bank has a variety of mortgage loans to fit your needs. As a community bank with more than a century of history and experience, we offer qualities that cannot always be found with bigger banks, such as personal attention and a nuanced understanding of the local real estate market. For generations, families in Muncy and surrounding communities have trusted us with their home loans because of our reputation for conservative soundness. 

Ready to apply for a home loan? Contact a Muncy Bank Mortgage Specialistsend us a message, or visit one of our locations to discuss your mortgage options.

All of our loan applications are processed locally, resulting in faster turnaround times and more flexible financing options. Browse our wide variety of mortgage loan products and contact us to learn more. Our friendly Mortgage Specialists are always available to answer your questions and help you identify the best home loan for your needs and situation.

Fixed Term/Fixed Rate

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Do you plan on being in your home for a long period of time, and want the security and stability of a fixed rate and payment?  A fixed rate mortgage may meet your needs.  Muncy Bank Fixed Rate/Fixed Loans are available in a variety of terms to fit your plans.  Rest easy knowing your payment is fixed for the life of the loan. 

Adjustable Rate Mortgage "ARM"

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Do you plan on being in your home for a short period of time?  An ARM Loan may help you meet your needs with a temporary fixed rate feature combined with an adjustable rate loan.  Annual and lifetime interest rate caps are also included. 

Custom Portfolio Mortgage Loans

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Do you have a unique financing situation or desire to keep the servicing of your loan local?  We offer a wide variety of mortgage financing options to keep your loan "Local."  Contact the experienced lenders at Muncy Bank to learn more about portfolio mortgage loans.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie MAC)

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Freddie MAC Loans offer you a minimum down payment loan with attractive market fixed rates. Want to learn more? Start a conversation with our team of trusted lenders at Muncy Bank to learn more about this financing option. 

New Home Construction

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Building your dream home?  A Muncy Bank construction loan is a single close option to meet your needs. These loans have a number of unique benefits to make the lending process easier and smoother for you. Contact us today to speak with a lender about the benefits of this short-term loan from the trusted lenders at Muncy Bank. Learn more about single close construction loans!

Lot and Land Financing

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Lot and land loans are the first step toward building the home of your dreams. Whether you’re planning to develop land, or you’ve found a lot that is perfect for your new home, Muncy Bank is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about financing options available for lots or parcels of land in Pennsylvania. Learn more about lot and land loans!

Bridge and Blanket Loans

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Do you need the benefit of "temporary financing" that will allow you to purchase another home when your existing home has not sold?  This can be accomplished by using the equity of your existing home until it is sold.  These programs are tailored to meet your individual situation. 

What's the Difference Between Fixed-Rate & ARM?

A fixed-rate mortgage loan has an interest rate that is set when you take out the loan. This rate does not change over the life of the loan. An adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) has a rate that fluctuates, though ARM loans start at a lower interest rate than fixed-rate mortgages and may remain at this lower introductory rate for the first few months or years. Once this period has ended, the fluctuation in interest rates is determined by an index, which is a broad measure of interest rates. When interest rates increase or decline, your payments may fluctuate to reflect this. Here are a few things to consider to determine which loan is right for you:

  • How long do you play to stay in the home?
  • Current rates on your ARM and on fixed-rate mortgages
  • When and by how much your ARM payments may rise
  • Refinancing costs
  • Any prepayment penalties

Still have questions? Contact our mortgage lenders to discuss your needs!

What Is Needed for the Mortgage Process?

Pre-Qualification: Do you need pre-qualified to shop for your dream home? Would you like the security of knowing what you can afford before you negotiate a price for your new home? Call us today for a free pre-qualification: 570.546.2211

Choose a Mortgage: There are several things to consider when choosing a mortgage: Do you want the security of a fixed rate, month after month? Do you want to start with a lower rate and monthly payment? Do you want to pay off your mortgage as soon as possible? Do you want to extend the term to lower your monthly payments? We are pleased to offer a wide variety of home financing solutions, and we recommend that you consult with a mortgage lender to discuss your objectives to find a loan that best meets your needs.

Provide Required Information: The following information must be provided in addition to your application:

  • Two years W2s, and/or 1099 forms, Federal tax returns (all schedules)
  • Recent pay stubs for all applicants/wage earners (30-day period)
  • Two months; bank statements for all deposit accounts
  • Pension or Social Security award letter
  • Current statements of investments
  • Copy of sales agreement (obtain from your realtor)
  • Copy of deed and homeowner's insurance if financing
  • If a construction loan: contract, plan, specs, builder allowances and copy of agreement of sale for land (if applicable)
  • Appraisal fees

Defining Community Banking Since 1893

If you’re planning to buy a home in Lycoming, Northumberland, Clinton or the surrounding Counties, contact the mortgage lending team at Muncy Bank to learn about our mortgage loan options. You can also visit one of our seven local offices to ask questions and begin the application process. We’ll guide you through your mortgage loan application from start to finish and can help you get ready before you start looking for a home.

Contact a Muncy Bank Mortgage Specialistsend us a message, or visit one of our locations to discuss your mortgage options.

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