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Security is more than just preventing unauthorized computer access. Security means minimizing the risk of interrupted service too.  In addition to providing protection against unauthorized access, FIS Global reduces the risk of equipment failures, power failures, computer viruses and disasters for The Muncy Bank & Trust Company

ICSA Certification

The Muncy Bank & Trust Company's Internet Banking product is ICSA Certified.  This certification involves an extensive ICSA onsite and external security audit including ongoing external "intrusion testing".  For more information please visit http://www.icsa.net on the web.


The Muncy Bank & Trust Company uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, based on RSA encryption methods, to ensure that data passing through the Internet is kept secure.  This includes support for "strong" or 128 bit key encryption.  Encryption protects data from being monitored while it is being transmitted.  Additional facts on RSA encryption can be found at http://www.rsa.com/


The Muncy Bank & Trust Company's firewall protects our servers against unauthorized access from the Internet.  All access from outside The Muncy Bank & Trust Company goes through the firewall.  The Muncy Bank & Trust Company uses Eagle NT, and industry award winning and ICSA Certified firewall from Raptor, Inc.

Server Authentication

FIS Global obtains a Digital ID (also know as a Digital Certificate) form a Certificate Authority for The Muncy Bank & Trust Company.  Our Certificate Authority is VeriSign, Inc.  This Digital ID ensures that a customer looking at a page on our server is actually using our server.  If they are looking at a fraudulent page, their browser will warn them that the Digital Certificate does not match.

Password Security

The Muncy Bank & Trust Company's personnel log-ins for performing customer and institutional level maintenance require a password assigned by FIS Global.  Customer log-ins require a Customer ID and Password.  Strong password complexity includes the use of at least 1 Capital letter; 1 Lower case letter; 1 special character and 1 numeric character. Minimum password length is 8 with a password history of 4. Passwords are required to change every 3 months. 

The Bank's personnel cannot see the password that has been set by the customer.  The bank can set security options to specify in/max password length, mixture of alpha/numeric passwords and the control over a lock after a defined number of failed login attempts.

Monetary Transfers

The Muncy Bank & Trust Company, at the individual account level, enables this feature.  The customer can only transfer funds between accounts that have been pre-authorized and set up by the institution.  The Bank can also set an individual dollar transfer limit per day for each account.

Direct Hosting

FIS Global does not "outsource" the hosting of The Muncy Bank & Trust Company Internet Banking.  The Bank's data is running on FIS Global servers, monitored by FIS Global personnel, located in FIS Global facilities.

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